0.0.26 Minor Cursor bug with hyperlinks

Bug Behavior : The “Index Finger” cursor only appears when dragging a selection over a Hyperlink.
Expected Behavior : The “Index finger” cursor should display any time the user has hovered over a Hyperlink.

Step 1 : Copy a URL from your browser (Chrome in my case)
Step 2 : Paste the link into the Scrivener text editor (Is it supposed to paste twice like that?).
Step 3 : Hover the mouse over the Hyperlink. Compare to …
Step 4 : Drag out a text selection that ends on the Hyperlink.

Related Behavior : Once the bug has occurred, the cursor will remain as the “Index Finger” even when the mouse has been moved off of a hyperlink. It will return to normal only if a text selection is made that ends off a hyperlink.

My System : Windows Vista 64-bit

Sorry if this is extremely minor, but it is the first one I have come across and wanted to report it anyway. Also, the link-continuation bug appears to persist despite it being listed as “fixed” in the known issues for version 0.24. Has this fix simply not been implemented? If it has been, I would be happy to write up a bug for that issue as well.

Thanks for the catch and the explicit report! The pasting twice issue is to do with Chrome specifically and is a known bug.

The link-continuation should be fixed, although it’s a nasty tricksy business (like Hobbitses)–picking up formatting in general is–so it’s possible to have it act like it’s not. If you select text, create a link for it via Add Link or Scrivener Link or what have you, then keep typing, the new text should not have a link. (This should also work if you dragged in a link from a brower’s address bar.) If however you then move your text insertion point back to the end of the linked text and start typing, that text will pick up the link formatting, just as it would do if you’d placed it at the end of italicized or underlined text.

This functionality appears to be broken with Chrome. I am able to drag a link from the address bar or a shortcut into the Binder, however I cannot drag the link directly into the Text Editor. The mouse displays the “Circle with a slash” cursor when dragging into this area.

Wouldn’t this constitute a different bug then? Indeed the format of the link is picked up, however it appears to be a special formatting case since I can’t turn off underlined or otherwise cancel it. Deleting the whole link or using a work-around has been the only solution I can find. A compromise in behavior might be to have the link formatting escaped when the user keys a space or hard return (Since a valid hyperlink can contain neither)? just throwing ideas out there.

There are a few work-arounds : Create a few lines of ‘buffer’ and paste the link within it. The format will be extended as we discussed, however you can break out of it by moving the insertion point to one of the previously created ‘buffer’ lines which retain the original formatting. You can also paste something with the default format after the link. Neither of these are desired however since I work right at the ‘Foot’ of my documents. These work-arounds are a bit counter-intuitive, I hope eventually you guys can iron out this wrinkle.

Just to clarify, is this happening to you only if you go back to the link after you’ve created it? I’m just trying to make sure I understand when this bug is happening, since if you paste in or create a link and then immediately start typing when the insertion point is still at the end of the link, the new text should not be formatted as a link. It does still pick up formatting if you move the cursor away and then back to the end of the link and begin typing, and for now the way to “break” the formatting is to use Edit>Unlink.

I’m not able to reproduce this–selecting the icon and dragging that or selecting all the text in the address bar (omnibar?) and dragging that to the editor both produce a link for me. So does dragging a link from within a page. I’m testing with Win 7 and Chrome version 13.0.782.107 (current stable build)–do you maybe have an older version of Chrome?

I didn’t know the edit > unlink was available, thanks for the info. Would be a nice-to-have if an icon for hyperlinks was on the formatting bar. My problem is due to the Chrome copy/paste link bug. It creates two instances of the link, and I have to delete one which requires moving the insertion point back into the link. So fixing the Chrome bug duplicating links should solve most of my problems.

As for the link-dragging issue, it appears updating Chrome did solve the problem. It’s also worth mentioning that I do use the beta-version of Chrome thus this issue is probably pretty rare if not unique to me, sorry to send you on a goose chase on that one. I’ll try to keep an eye out for any further issues though!