0.35 - Compile to .doc bug: last line of chapter centered

Compile to .doc using Novel Manuscript format. The text is aligned left justified correctly for the most part, but the last line of every chapter is aligned centered.

Also the compile ignores the header alignment setting, and always puts it to the left, but I think I already reported that.


Yep, thanks, I’ve already got Lee on both of these. The compile issue with the formatting is RTF-based and due to the last paragraph picking up formatting from the following element. You can work around it by adding an extra line at the end of your document, but that’s probably more effort than it’s worth. This should be fixed with the next update, as is the issue with Word always left-aligning the header.

Great, thanks!

I’m still seeing this issue in the Nano version, just an FYI. :slight_smile: