019: Collections - not quite working properly?

I think I’m now getting my head around the way Collections work, with the exception that I don’t think they quite work (for me anyway) on a technical level. Maybe this is because only a portion of the Mac 2.0 functionality has so far been brought across?

Am I right in thinking documents can be rearranged in a Collection (via drag n drop etc)? If so, my documents just remain static. I’m sure I read somewhere that Collections can be used, for example, to rearrange scenes? Not the case for me - can’t get it to work with drag n drop or short keys.

Is this supposed to be the case for now, or am I doing something wrong?

Likewise, I can’t seem to add a new folder or document to a Collection … hmm …


Er…I think I said elsewhere that you could use Collections to rearrange scenes, yes, but I see that it does not seem possible in the Windows version at the moment. On the Mac you can rearrange static Collections (ones that are not made by saving a search), but trying it now on Windows I can’t figure out how to do it if it can be done (dragging doesn’t work, the “move” menu option is grayed out). Also they seem to be ordered as they appear in the Binder, rather than the order they’re added to the collection. So I don’t know if that’s a bug or just something not implemented yet, but I guess eventually it will be the way it is on the Mac.

To add to a collection, you should be able to choose View>Collections>Show Collections and then drag items from the Binder or from the Corkboard or Outliner onto the header tab of the collection. In the Binder you can also right click and choose “Add to Collection” and select from the list.
–But I realize belatedly you mean that you can’t create new documents directly in the Collection, which again appears to be true (and is not the same on the Mac, so again might be something that’s coming).

(beta 2.0, XP Pro with SP3)

I think you’re correct, Simon - I get the same results, having a moment or to try this out later on a Saturday. No ordering, nor other actions, are on offer at this version.

The best practice I can see for Collections for now is to select all the things you want in them from the Binder, then press New Collection. You will get an in-order collected binder of all the things you selected, which you can rename and if desired edit within. Folders will come across, but won’t show their contents except as index cards, which can then be clicked to let you edit them.

You can see a reduced scope of your project, and edit it this way. I think it’ll be wonderful when the rest of ability gets in there. Can’t see asking Lee to build that, though, until he’s got his release in.


That’s semi-true. Collections are just flat lists–no hierarchy–so “folders with subdocuments” has no real meaning in that context; folders brought into Collections are typically there because they also contain text (as in, you switch to “text view” on the folder and the folder is like a document containing text itself beyond just acting as a container for subdocuments), so in the Collection you’re treating them like any other single document. But it is possible to click on the folder and view its subdocuments in any of the view modes, so if you choose Scrivenings you will see the text content of the subdocuments.

In the Mac version you can quickly bring a folder/document group and all its subdocuments into a Collection using opt-drag on the folder, but for me alt-drag doesn’t seem to replicate this on Windows; I don’t know if there’s another option or if there’s an extra sneaky key I haven’t figured out because I’m using a VM.