023 is this a bug?

After installing the earlier beta upgrades, when I opened the program it automatically opened to one of my projects.

However, when opening 023, it went to the “create new project window”
(I installed on top of 022)

I was able to open all three of my projects without a problem, so it’s not an issue for me, but wondered if this was normal for 023.

BTW: My friend who’s used MAC Scrivener for quite a while told me in an email: “I worship Scrivener and want to have its babies.”

023 needed to do a full install, rather than just an update, so it had to wipe your settings (this shouldn’t be necessary again for future updates). Hence it cleared your “recent projects” list, and so when you opened Scrivener fresh after the install, it had no “recent projects” to open and instead just brought up the template manager. If you leave your General settings in Edit>Options checked for “open recent projects on program launch”, then in the future you should bypass the template manager and go straight to your most recently opened project as you’re used to.