023 previous session keeps disappearing

I’ve installed Beta 023 in the hopes that the problem with losing the previous session’s work was gone. Luckily, I exported yesterday’s work, or else I’d have lost nearly 4000 words.

I’m using Windows 7. The problem occurs only intermittently, so one day there’s no issue but the next there is.

That’s disturbing. Since I installed beta 023 I haven’t had any saving issues. Did you previously uninstall beta 022 before installing 023? On the other hand, when I was experiencing those saving problems, backing up didn’t save the words written, only compilation did.

Yes, I did.

By backup I mean saving the whole chapter to Open Office.

I’m on 22, didn’t realize there was a newer one. I get that after writing this post.

I lost all of last night’s writing as a result of this. Thought I did something wrong, so this afternoon I saved both with ctl/s and File -> Save. Closed the file, then opened it, and the new text vanished like a politician’s promise.

And it’s intermittent. Some things from the session are saved, others are lost.

Will a snapshot save stuff in case this happens again?

Your safest move is to use the “Compile” feature to save all your work externally as a .rtf file–you can include your synopsis and notes by checking the boxes in the compile window, if you make edits to those that you want to be sure save. Obviously, this shouldn’t be happening at all–everything should get saved–but whatever the bug was with 022 (which Lee thought he got rid of in 023, although these couple reports suggest it might still be lurking) somehow prevented the text actually being written properly to the underlying .rtf files in the project. Snapshots won’t make a difference in that case, unfortunately.

I’m putting a reward out on this bug as we want to squash it fast: