023 Set Up

I’ve just noticed that the default setup for 023 (XP Pro SP3) is to install the program in my My Document/Scrivener, not the most logical place for a program. If you change the install to Programs (the more logical place for an install/without creating a Scrivener folder installation is in the root of C:/Programs, i.e. the onus is on the user to create the Scrivener folder.

Most setup programs manage to get this right. As it stands its not as friendly as it might be for the typical user.


Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for this. Is the account you’re installing to and administrator account? Some of this was changed so that users with non-admin accounts could still install the program, although I think the location selection may still need a bit of work given the reports on this, and it may be off for XP vs. Win7. I have also noticed the need to create the “Scrivener” folder, so that’s been noted–it’s there by default if you start out in Program Files–which you should have, for an admin account–but if you change the location it’s up to you to create it, as you say, and that’s not terribly desirable.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, I’ve been struggling to meet a deadline and also been knee deep in examination papers. These things always come together.

This problem seems to be an XP pro issue. Installing as an Administrator will result (in 0.25 as well) in the install taking place in My Documents (I assume the location of the download but didn’t check before stopping the install) unless a manual directory is selected. This occurs even where there is an existing instance of 0.24 installed. I’ve not tried doing an install on a user account.

Installing in XP home is in the programs directory.

Sometime over the weekend I’ll update my Vista machine Business pc, but I’ve not noticed the issue there on previous installs.

I get this, too, but I can choose the correct directory and install there. It should work.

Thanks for the follow-up on this!

The same issue exists on an Administrator install on Vista Ultimate, the installer looks to install in My Documents/Scrivener where the download is in My Documents/Downloads and needs to be manually pointed to the programs directory.

Note that although this is a Vista machine my work files remain located in a My Documents folder which is at the same hierarchical level as Vista’s Documents folder. It’s this way as My Documents is relocated on a server and syncs local copies to each machine on log on/off.


Thanks for checking that. I’m going to need to poke into this a little more, since on my testing with an admin account on XP Pro, the installer defaulted to Program Files\Scrivener as it should do, so there may be something else involved in redirecting it.

I thought it might be helpful to have the full path which the installer picks for an install.

\[Server]\All Users Data[My Account]\My Documents\Scrivener

This is the path which arises when My Documents is redirected to a server and synced locally.



I get this too, for versions 024 and 026, on two different machines. My Vista Home Premium machine has user accounts without administrator privileges; the default install directly is the User/Documents/Scrivener folder. I was unable to create a subdirectory in Program Files at all; it does not ask for an administrator login as other programs do. I had to install it in a different directory on the C: drive. My XP Pro SP3 machine has, I believe, a power user level account (I can install other programs without a password); again the default install directory is My Documents/Scrivener. In that case I was able to create a new subdirectory in Program Files.