025 apostrophe replaced by a square in index cards

Any apostrophes in the index cards that were in a sub-folder of my “Character Images” folder were replaced by a small squares.
(see small attachment)

Here is the weird part:

Other folders which contained only manuscript and text files and their index cards were NOT affected!

(My other folders with images did not have index cards)

Similar problem, different look –



Same as Jo_Narlene here, the funny question marks in diamonds

There was a bug in earlier betas with the synopsis files not properly encoding and saving extended Unicode data–it would just be a question mark or other gibberish–so it sounds like you may have had smart quotes in your synopses which didn’t get saved properly and are thus now aren’t showing. (In the case where only some documents had this issue, is it possible then that the others are using straight quotes but these had smart?) This should be corrected for 025, so although you will unfortunately have to retype the characters in order to make them appear properly, they should be saved properly now.

Huh, odd. I had regular-looking quotes on my cards prior to 025. :frowning:

Default when typing in the synopsis has always been to use straight quotes, but if you created the cards on the Mac version with “smart quotes” enabled and them opened it in Windows, or if you pasted text into the synopsis or used the “auto-generate” button, you could end up with smart quotes there that in the underlying .txt file were wrong, even though they displayed all right in Windows. Opening the actual .txt file in another editor showed the wrong character, though.

It’s possible there’s something else going on, of course, but that’s my initial supposition since I know that was an issue. If you’re seeing this for characters you know were straight quotes, then we’ll need to do some other testing.

MM - Not sure what you mean by smart quote, but I’m pretty certain I typed a simple apostrophe. I’ve only got one incident of this (you can tell I did a lot of work, not) so it’s not an issue for me. :slight_smile:

I also didn’t do anything you described, and I’m not a MAC user.

Mine was created so long ago that I don’t remember how I got the text in. And I know for certain that I never used a mac on this project.