025 Bug. Where is the Tab Return option now?

I wanted to reset my preferences for the TAB RETURN so I could use the Return key to enter multiple lines in index cards.

“MimeticMouton” posted the tip below May 22, 2011, which must have been for 024, and worked as she stated.
MimeticMouton wrote:
If you go into Edit>Options and click on the Navigation tab, you can uncheck the preference under Return Key Behavior so you can use Return to enter multiple lines in synopses (this applies to the inspector as well).

However, the menu has changed totally in 025 and I do not see that option:

This is what I see in 025

Under Edit>Options there is no Navigation tab or option for Return Key Behavior
(see screengrab)

Under Format> Options the only options (which are both grayed out) are for “show invisibles” and “ghost notes mode” There is no option for Return Key Behavior

Under Tools>Options>Navigation there is no option for Return Key Behavior

Win XP Service Pack 3
edit options.jpg

Options has moved to the new Tools menu; I think Lee mentioned that in his post, but I should double-check, since this is definitely an overhaul of the menu system, though ultimately it’s much more logical than previous iterations. So Tools>Options…, then click the Navigation tab and at the bottom you’ll see the checkbox for adjusting the Return key behavior.

Thanks, Jennifer!