025 Corkboard Bug

I uninstalled 024 and installed 025

I opened the program. When I selected the image folders, the corkboard did not show the images.

I tried this with two different projects with the same result

The photos are there, and if if I click on them individually, all show up in the middle pane, but I no longer get my rows of images as I did in all earlier betas, I only get index cards with the names of the graphics. This happens in ALL image folders. Also, the index cards are now duplicated.

I’ve attached a the screengrab of the issue.

Did it default to another mode I need to change, or is this a bug?

WIN XP, Service pack 3, up to date on Windows upgrades

anyone else having this problem?
Were you able to fix it it?


Hi Marta,

Just wanted to let you know I saw your report and I’m looking into it, but I don’t have a solution for you yet, sorry. Do new images that you import appear correctly or have the same problem?

Also, are the items duplicated in the binder as well, or just on the corkboard?

Hi Jennifer
No, the images themselves did not duplicate in the binder. What it seems like to me is that the “card” associated with the image is the “duplicate” that we are seeing.

Per your suggestion, I dragged in a new image and it DID show up!!!

So I dragged/copied all the images in one folder from Scrivener to my desktop (which took a while as in Scrivener I had the same name for several images if there were showing the same character. I had to rename the duplicate names to follow PC convention of different names for images in the same folder)

Anyway it’s gonna take a while to complete this process for my graphic novel, but at least it works!!!
You are one smart person!!! Problem solved.

Do you have any idea what caused this? Should I have NOT uninstalled 024 first?

Thank you!

Hi Jennifer
I was able to successfully replace all my images on all three of my projects by dragging copies of all to the desktop, trashing originals in scrivener, then dragging the ones on the desktop back into scrivener.

Everything looks great!!!

Hi Marta,

Glad you’ve got everything restored, although I do want to track down what caused this to make sure Lee can prevent it from happening again. At the moment I’m afraid I don’t have any good idea what caused it–uninstalling first shouldn’t have been an issue, though I’ll definitely double-check on that in case something slipped through.

What type of images are you working with–jpg, png?

All were jpgs. 96 DPI aprox average size 600X 400

I wonder if it would be an issue with the final release, since it only affected images already in the program. Unless you were importing from a beta, that is…

I’d love to know what the problem was-- just for idle curiosity

Oookay. You’re going to hate me for this, and I’m really sorry for not catching this earlier. The problem appears to be that the functionality to display media cards with either the synopsis or the image was added in the upgrade but it set all existing media files to using the synopsis. There will be an option added to the global Options for the corkboard for whether you’d like images displayed as a synopsis or a photograph, but at the moment this is only available via the inspector, so you have to reset it individually for each item. With the image selected, click the index card icon in the “Synopsis” header of the inspector (second icon from the left, with the up and down arrows). You’ll get a menu with an image icon and the index card icon; select the image icon and it will switch the card to showing your image in both the inspector and the corkboard.

So sorry about that. In the future it should keep your settings during an upgrade (and it will be easier to switch back and forth for all images at once on the corkboard), but I didn’t realize that got altered in this upgrade. It happened whether or not you uninstalled first, so I don’t think there was anything you could have done to prevent it.

As far as the items being duplicated on the board, I’m still mystified by that. You did say that some images had the same title, though–is it possible you were seeing different items, but without the image you didn’t realize they were distinct?

Hi Jennifer,
I’ll answer your last question first: Yes, it’s possible that I was seeing different items, but without the image I didn’t realize they were distinct. I checked the earlier screengrab I’d sent and noticed there were two titled “ride” and two title “dunk the bozo”. When I copied the images to the desktop I DID have to rename a few. I looked at the images I have in Scrivener now and there is a “ride 1” and ride 2" and the same with “dunk the bozo”

Now as far as what you said at the top-- I’m really confused because everything looks great now that I re-dragged all the images back into Scrivener.

I see:

  1. all the images in the corkboard as before
  2. a series of images in the corkboard for each character sketch.
  3. an image for each character sketch

I’m kind of scared to change anything as it looks good, but if you need for me to do it for testing purposes I will

Ive attached a 3-part screengrab of different areas of the workspace regarding images, so you can see what I mean-- it’s working very well.

Let me know if you need any more info. I can easily do more screengrabs if needed