025 crash when deleting from trash

the DELETE key doesn’t work when I try to delete any documents.

Right clicking still pulls up a menu to send item to trash, but I prefer using the DELETE key as it is faster

Later, when I right clicked on the item in trash to permanently delete it, scrivener crashed.

when I re-opened the program the file was gone from trash

I hope I’m not out of line, as I know you’ve been working insanely hard, but it seems to me that 024 was more stable than 025? Am I wrong?


WINXP Service Pack 3

Hi Marta,

Thanks for the crash report, I’ve just been testing this one as a couple other users have also reported the crash. I repeated it once, but I haven’t figured out the trigger yet. If you find a pattern, please post it!

The shortcut for deleting items changed in 025 to Ctrl-Delete, as the unmodified Delete shortcut made it a little too easy for users to accidentally trash documents. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I’ve tried:

Single short files
Single long files
Multiple ungrouped files
Grouped files
PDF and other files
PDF and grouped files
mp3, multiple grouped files pdf

And I’ll be damned if I can get it to crash. (I even tried moving files via the ctrl-delete key combination.) I’m using the windows/wine version.