025 Deb file available?

Is there a *.deb file available for the latest version of Scrivener? I’m using Ubuntu and I can’t figure out how to install the *.tgz file. I already unpacked the folder but I don’t know where to go from there. Deb files seem to be so much easier to install for me…

I’m sure someone will provide a deb package soon.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait, unpack the Lit&Late folder in your home folder and use the instructions described in this post. Just remember to change the (your username) in the script to your actual username, without the parenthesis.

Can confirm that the above installation works - untar and then also follow the shell script instructions that are linked to from the above post. If you don’t follow the shell script instructions then you will get a message saying that the previous version had expired and it won’t work (or at least I did).


I can’t run the tgz file or use the script method because I’m running Ubuntu 64 bit. The tgz is for 32 bit machines. So I shamelessly modified the 0.2.4 deb package from JG Starsoupsky to create a 0.2.5 deb package. I have no real expertise (other than copying files across to their corresponding folders from the new beta .tgz package to the same folders in the old .deb package, in order to create a new .deb package).

I uninstalled JG Starsoupsky’s 0.2.4 package by deleting the following folders:
rm -rf /usr/bin/Scrivener
rm -rf /usr/share/doc/scrivener
rm -rf /usr/share/LiteratureAndLatte
rm -rf /usr/share/menu/scrivener

Install on Ubuntu 64 bit it with:
sudo dpkg -i --foreign-architecture i386 scrivener_0.2.5_i386_new.deb

(Nb: It should just install with a double-click on 32 bit machines. I don’t have a 32 bit machine so I don’t know for sure)

Here it is:

Run it with /usr/bin/Scrivener (or create I nice shortcut/menu item using alacarte)

All the best :slight_smile:

Hey there. Thanks so much for providing this file. I’m using an eeePC (the 2007 version) with Ubuntu installed. Unfortunately, I still can’t get it working. I used Ubuntu Software Center to install the program like I did the last beta. There’s no icon, and when I try to open my .scriv files, it opens them up in a browser showing the XML information, instead. I tried right-clicking and choosing ‘open with another application’ and Scrivener isn’t even on the list of applications. I clicked on the missing Scrivener icon and opened the program that way, navigated to my project folder, but the .scriv files don’t show up at all. I’m not getting any errors or anything.

I am running a 32 bit, Ubuntu 10.04, and I can confirm that the deb worked fine for me.

I just double-clicked the downloaded deb file and off it went.

One small thing that may confuse some people is that the installer at first will say that you are reinstalling, so I suppose it must think it is 24 at that point, but just click “reinstall” and it goes fine from there.

I did not have to touch anything else.

Thank you very much. :smiley:

Re: .scriv files and debian/Ubuntu support
I’m new to Scrivener, so I don’t have experience with .scriv files. I created a couple of new projects called ‘Trial’ and ‘Trial2’ to test things out. This created folders of the same name (plus .scriv, e.g. a Trial.scriv folder not file) in my ‘Documents’ folder. There was no .scriv file. However there was a project.scrivx file within each of these folders. I was able to load a project by selecting this file from Scrivener. Scrivener isn’t on the list of programs you can open .scrivx files by right clicking them from the Ubuntu Gnome Nautilus browser (maybe the developers will integrate a future version better in to Ubuntu and/or Gnome). I forgot that the debian installer I posted does in fact put Scrivener in the Ubuntu menu or (for the new Natty Ubuntu) in the look-up list. There just isn’t any proper Scrivener icon. I personally took a screenshot of the Scrivener icon form the website in order to create a Scrivener icon for my Ubuntu menu/list. Here it is:


I find clicking on some items in Scrivener a bit sticky (I need to click a couple of times for it to recognise me) … strange.

Hi there! I’m sorry, I meant .scrivx, not .scriv. I am still having trouble getting my files to open. How do I add the icon so it will show up when I open the Scrivener program?

Has there been a new deb made for the new release yet?