025 Drag when typing in large project

Sorry if this has already been commented on, search didn’t bring up any likely candidates.

I have one Scrivener project that is currently 341 MB. I have been trying to type into that just now and there was significant drag. Scrivener simply could not keep up with my typing speed (which is fast, but not torrentially so). Fortunately, we can now easily drag necessary pages into separate scriveners, which is what I have done, so there is an easy workaround. But, I thought it was worthwhile letting you know this problem still exists.

I turned off any settings that might be causing the file to drag, but that didn’t make any significant difference. Had the same problem in normal screen and full screen. CPU was alternating quite rapidly between 18% to 37% while I was typing, if that is relevant, although I have no idea. The project also seemed a bit slow to save. This is nothing like the problems we had when the earlier betas were released, but it does have a more than faint resemblance. Using windows vista sp2, updated regularly.

Thanks for the report. Lee’s still working to optimize the code, so all your information is helpful. One thing to look out for, it may be that the auto-save is kicking in while you’re typing–the default is to auto-save after a two-second period of inactivity, so if you’re typing and then pause briefly while thinking up the next work, Scrivener may auto-save, which will cause lag if you start typing again before it’s finished. Ideally the save should be relatively quick, although it may take a little longer for larger projects such as yours, but while that’s still being optimized you might find that increasing your auto-save default time will help a little. You want the sweet spot where it will kick in to save when you really are paused for a moment–don’t make it to high, or you’ll end up with long stretches where Scrivener isn’t saving your work (unless you manually hit save), but bumping it up to even 10 seconds might make all the difference for you when you’re typing. You can find the option under Tools>Options… in the General tab.

Lee’s also put together a list of questions for performance-related reports, so if you have a chance to go through these and report back, that’d be great:

  1. State exactly what you were doing when the performance issue occurred.
  2. Approximately how many documents, folders, and words does you entire project contain. If you’re working in a single editor at the time, please provide a word count for the specific editor document as well.
  3. When did you last re-boot Scrivener i.e. full close and open. This could be important information if a trend occurs here.
  4. What sort of machine are you running Scrivener on i.e. Operating System, type and speed of processor and RAM size.
  5. OPTIONAL: Anything else that might give us clues i.e. for the technically minded Windows Task Manager Performance specs/spikes when performing specific tasks in Scrivener. Also, any details regarding any auto-correction, substitution features you may have enabled or analysis of those features turned on and then off and the resultant performance change if any.


Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I did look at the auto-save too. Should have mentioned that in my first post. Auto-save was set at 60 seconds (and it still is), so from what you are saying, that should be more than enough not to be the cause of the problem.

To answer your other requests:

I was typing in a document, which is a part of the whole project. The problem happened in normal editor screen and also full screen.

Over 1500 documents/folders. I couldn’t tell you the word count for the whole project. The actual project has a few 100,000 words and there are different versions, which could double that as well as other ideas and research.

The specific editor document now has 989 words, but I persisted with it despite the drag. I am trying to recall if the drag started from the moment I started typing. But, to be honest I can’t. If it is needed, I can probably test that out at some point.

I had just opened Scrivener to start working again after a period of being otherwise occupied, so aside from opening and closing the program in order to install the update and have a quick look at what had been changed, I hadn’t been using Scrivener for a while. I reboot my computer system, usually, once a day, sometimes more.

Dell Dimension E520, Windows Vista SP2, automatic updates. Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz, 2.00 GB RAM.

As mentioned earlier, the CPU, was spiking a little as I typed, but nothing like earlier betas, where the spiking was close to 100% of the CPU. The range I saw was from 18% to around 37%, but the CPU was moving rapidly with the taps on the keyboard and stopped when I stopped typing.

Auto-correction, substitution, spell check etc - basically, anything along those lines in the tools panel - or elsewhere, if I could find it, was turned off.

Hope this helps.