025 Problems w/ web page added 2 Binder Research tab

Problems with the web page added to the Research tab in the Binder

I created a Novel project and then clicked on the plus sign icon Research in the Binder and then added a Web page. The page loaded poorly but you had it noted that it could be a problem with the images, and such. So I grabbed a different page, a Wiki page and it loaded great. But the right click links except for the copy link and copy image. The Open Link, Open in New Window, Save Link, Open Image, and Save Image do not work.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailboat and the other page was the Scrivener Windows Beta page (I don’t have the link available).

The Reload button works great.

Here is the attachment, just shows the screen shot and right click menu options.
Webpage error.doc (294 KB)