025 Startup time [LOGGED]

I’m running Kubuntu 11.04 on my Dell Mini 9. I just updated to the new version, and it’s taking a lot longer to startup. While not bad, it is very noticable: just short of 3 minutes when I timed it. Before, it was probably only a minute, at most.

It seems to be running a bit slower in general, but not too bad. As I said, I just updated it, so I haven’t had a chance to put it through many paces. I’ll update as I go, though.

Thanks, I made a note of this. Are you getting this with just starting the program, or is it also opening a project when you start the program? If the latter, what’s the size of the project?

I noticed a slight increase in Startup time in my netbook yesterday (an AO150), but it was nowhere near a minute, let alone three. In fact, it has always impressed me how light the program seems. On my desktop it’s almost instant. Both machines are running Ubuntu 11.04.

Right now the size of my project is 6.1 MB

The size looks to be 3MB. I opened another one, and it opened right away, so it seems to be just starting the program.

Ok, I purged the last installation (024), installed 025, and now it’s taking up to three minutes for Scrivener to start, just like the OP described.

My humble guess is that whatever is happening with the delay is related to the error message reported here:


Just wondering if the OP found a way to fix the problem.

Nope. I’m running .26, and it’s still doing it.

As an update, I happened to have a project open on another computer when I started Scrivener on my Linux netbook. It told me so, and asked if I wanted to continue or cancel. I hit cancel, and also closed it on my other computer. The dialog box on Linux hasn’t closed yet. Not sure if that helps at all, but it’s a bit of a different situation.

Thanks for the update. I’m thinking that we did something wrong with our install, because Scrivener on my netbook is working without problems.

What are you running on your netbook?

It could also be something like different updates. Right now, I’m not seeing any text, but I don’t think it’s specifically Scrivener. It had been looking correct after I updated. I’ve done some updates since then, and I think one of the libraries isn’t working quite right.

The same thing on both computers, 32-bit Ubuntu 11.04.

I do see some text. If I run Scrivener from a terminal, after waiting for a long time, Scrivener launches and I get:

QtToolBarManager::restoreState(): cannot find a QAction named 'Insert Table', trying to match using 'text' instead. QtToolBarManager::restoreState(): cannot find a QAction with matching 'text' (looking for 'Insert Table').

Which sounds like there’s some problem with a library, but that’s about as far as I can get.

This one’s still around. I put the most recent version of Scrivener on my laptop, and it takes about 3-4 minutes for it to load, where the WINE/windows one is near-instantaneous. Laptop has Slackware 13.37, for the record. The version before loaded and ran without issue.

I’ve tried it both of these commands to launch it, same thing happens both times:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/lib: /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener

And my usual shell alias:

alias scriv-linux='/lib/ld-linux.so.2 --library-path /lib:/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/lib /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener'

Both times I get this at the command line:

[ 2288 ] "Unexpected tag on line 1. Expected tag ScrivenerProject" @ 1 0 [ 2297 ] "Unexpected tag on line 1. Expected tag ScrivenerProject" @ 1 0

Wasn’t this addressed in the as-yet-to-be-released package coming up?

Edit: for giggles, I switched from KDE to xfce, fvwm2, wmaker. Same issue.

Interesting. I just updated my netbook from Kubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 the other day. I suddenly found that Scrivener 101 starts up within 10 seconds. I want to try a fresh install of 11.10 to see if that makes any difference. I will confirm that in 11.04 it was still starting slow.

Yeah, it’s really weird. I’m wondering if we can get a new list of dependencies from Lee. My desktop is fine, and windows/WINE Scrivener runs great on the laptop. It’s just the linux native version that has the delayed startup time on the laptop running the newer version of Slackware.

Then I’m getting:
No protocol specified
No protocol specified
No protocol specified
No protocol specified
Scrivener: cannot connect to X server :0.0

When I try to run it a second time. Privs on that file are set correctly.

Edit: everything checks out on my end. X is configured properly. I upgraded NVidia drivers for giggles, too.

Argh. Scrivener starts up fine as root. That would point to a permissions error, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.