026 - Adding subfolder to file node goes to wrong tier

Environment: Windows Vista Ultimate SP2, Word 2003, Scrivener 026

This ONLY happens for file nodes and NOT folder nodes. It’s a minor inconvenience, easily worked around by dragging the new folder back into file node to create the correct parent/child relationship.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Binder
  2. Right click any file node
  3. Select Add->New Folder
  4. Resulting folder will be created on the same level as the file node.


I can confirm this behaviour.


I can confirm the behavior as well. But, I don’t see anything wrong with what happens. Can you explain the behavior you see and also exactly what you think should happen instead?

I’m confused because I don’t think the current behavior is a bug.


Hi Jim, happy to explain

If you did the same action on a folder node, you will see sub-folders created. Why would you expect file nodes to behave differently?

I first encountered the problem because I was adding folders to my top node “Manuscript”, I wanted to breaks things down to folders, ACT 1,2,3. So I right clicked on “Manuscript” and each time I added a new folder, they did not appear within the Manuscript file as I had wanted. So I had to drag and drop them back under Manuscript manually.

And if you’re thinking, but it’s a file node, it’s not required. The I would say, why not? I had a need for it. That’s the great thing about the binder, the ability to quickly structure content.

Sorry for the long winded reply…I hope you didn’t fall asleep Jim. :smiley:

(chuckle) No I didn’t fall asleep. :slight_smile:

But I am confused. When I right click a folder (assume its name is “Harvey”) and select Add->New Folder, a folder is created under “Harvey” that is Harvey’s sibling, not Harvey’s child, that is, it is created at the same level as Harvey.

And that is what happens when I select any text document inside Harvey. A sibling is created at the same level.

To illustrate:

First, I start with a simple hierarchy:

Then I right click on “Segment 2” and choose “Add->New Folder”. That gives me this:

Notice that the added “Untitled” folder is a sibling of, at the same level as, the “Segment 2” folder. Then I right click on “The Event” and choose “Add->New Folder”. That gives me this:

Notice that the added “Untitled” folder is a sibling of, at the same level as, the “The Event” text file.

So, to me, this seems consistent. If something else happens with your copy of Scrivener, please post some pictures to illustrate.

OMG, Jim you’re right!

Somewhere along the way what I thought in my brain mutated…geez. Here, I thought you were more confused than the average person. I’m sorry that I thought that, it turns out that I’m the spazz. I feel bad I made you go through all the trouble of posting example and screenshots. :blush:

The behavior you see is happening to me as well and it is WRONG.

So going back my original post:

Wrong sentence: This ONLY happens for file nodes and NOT folder nodes.
Corrected sentence: This ONLY happens for adding a new folder and NOT adding a new file.

The problem affects all nodes files or folders.

I click on a node because I want a child and not a sibling. So going by normal navigation, if I wanted a sibling I’d go one level up to parent…

Thanks for clearing this up for me Jim :slight_smile:

Great. Now I understand your complaint. Note that I’m just a user like you, so I don’t speak for L&L. But the following things occur to me:

(a) It is inconsistent behavior.
(b) I will assume – some L&L employee please correct me if I’m wrong – that this design decision was made to produce the fewest mouse clicks to perform the most common operations. And that means that the inconsistent behavior is expected and preferred by the designer(s).
© I expect, though I am not at all sure, that Scrivener on the Mac operates in the same fashion.

If we were voting for a change to this feature, I would vote for consistency, and I don’t really care which – either “Add->New Folder”/“Add->New Text” always add siblings or always add children. But that would require a change to existing behavior which, I think, current users prefer and expect to behave as is currently does.

In that case, perhaps replacing the current single set of operations in the context (right click) menu with two sets of operations would solve your problem – “Add->New Child Folder”/“Add->New Child Text” and “Add->New Sibling Folder”/“Add->New Sibling Text”?

I vote for making the functionality behave as it should, and that would be adding child objects when you select an intended parent. The Scrivener people are great but they’re not that great that they can redefine navigating a standard tree structure for a program. And if this is how the Mac people prefer it, then they’re strange…

It’s a minor issue, and I’ve only 3 little folders so I’m not going to lose any sleep if the functionality doesn’t go my way. :smiley:


I’ve noticed that with an open folder, you get a new folder as a child, especially when you put your cursor on the last file inside that folder.
This seems right to me.

If I want a new folder as sibling, I close the folder above, and get that sibling.
This too seems right to me.