[026] Blacked Out Text

I don’t even know how to describe this one. I just updated to the new beta, and am running into this issue.

Here’s what’s happening: I’ve been working on some of my second draft in Google Docs on my laptop, since I don’t have Scrivener on it. When I paste my new work from Google Docs to Scrivener, it needs some formatting (font, indentations, etc.). Once I do the formatting, change it, and then click to a new document, and then click back, all the text is blacked out from the stuff I pasted.

Here’s an image of what it’s doing.

This has been happening to me all morning and I’m at a total loss.

OK, just realized it’s the highlighter/marker setting. Don’t know why it’s turning on when I switch documents, but there it is. For some reason it just automatically highlights everything after I format.

Are you sure DHS isn’t hacking into your work and randomly redacting things :wink: ?