026 - Cover image problem with Kindle compile

Firstly, I just discovered Scrivener and it’s awesome so thanks for that!

Today however I encountered a problem that I can reliably reproduce every time.

Environment: Windows 7 64-bit SP1, Scrivener 026

Steps to reproduce problem.

  1. Create project, add a cover image in research folder.
  2. Compile for Kindle with cover image selected.
  3. Open book in Kindle, book is fine, cover image is fine.
  4. Delete book from Kindle.
  5. Delete cover image from research folder, empty trash.
  6. Add new cover image, compile for Kindle with new cover image selected.
  7. Open book in Kindle, old image that was previously deleted is still there.

The only way I can get it to display a new cover image is by changing the Meta-Data Title to a unique name that hasn’t been used previously. Which means once you have named a book and added a cover image you can never change the cover image.

So, when I compile for Kindle with a cover image is the data cached somewhere? Maybe it’s a case of just clearing some cache I don’t know about.

Any hints appreciated, many thanks.

I did some more testing.

Seems the cover issue also applies to any text anywhere in the book. But if I compile for PDF the changes are made as expected.

Formatting is also ignored when compiling for Kindle, works fine for PDF.