[026] Dictionary problem – sniggered

I typed the word ‘sniggered’ into Scrivener and it got the wavy red underline indicating it was misspelled or, at least, unknown to the dictionary. When I right click on it, the top suggestion is, rather unfortunately: niggered

I checked dictionary.com to see whether it was a legitimate word I’d not heard of but it seems not. I can only guess it should be sniggered but the ‘s’ got missed off for some reason.

I’m using Windows 7, the 026 beta and with the dictionary set to ‘English (United Kingdom)’ dictionary.

You like to snigger too? :slight_smile:

The dictionary/thesaurus issue already discussed in previous thread.


Actually, if I may redirect you to a different thread, Lee’s posted on the dictionary issue here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/new-words-for-dictionary/13516/4

And I’ve made a note of this one, too.

Thanks MM! :slight_smile: