026 - Image Files Not Showing on Index Cards

Hi! I noticed this change with 025, though it’s still a problem in 026.

In previous versions, if you imported an image, and then viewed the folder it was in in index card mode, the pictures would show on the index cards. I used this as a way to quickly see images of the characters in my book.

Now, the index cards have blank lines and no images. The only way to see the image is to open each individual file.

I know this is small, but it was one of the features that drew me to Scrivener in the first place.

(I didn’t see this on the main bug page. Sorry if this has been discussed before).

Hi possumbox,

Sorry, the known bugs hasn’t been updated yet. It is still possible to show your image on the cards and in fact for new imported images it should be the default, but with the 025 update older projects had the synopses flipped so that you’re viewing the text synopsis rather than the image. You can change this two ways. The “real” way to do this within Scrivener is to select the image document, then in the synopsis header of the inspector, click the double arrow button next to the index card image (second icon from the right) and select the photo icon from the menu that pops up. This is how you can choose whether to view a text synopsis or a photo synopsis for any of your documents, so even text documents can show an image–for a character sketch, for instance, you might want the corkboard to show an image of the character instead of just the text synopsis.

If you have a lot of images, however, this might get a little tedious, so a faster option that might work for you is to just drag all your images out of the project and then drag them back in to reimport them. They’ll get take the new default of showing the image on the index card.

Thanks, Mimetic!

That totally worked. Easy Peasy. You’re awesome.