026 - Inspector Stuck likely due to music


I have an issue with the Inspector panel being stuck on the information for one document. No matter which document I choose, the Inspector shows only the information (index card, keywords, labels, etc.) for this one particular document. When I am in corkboard view for the folder, the original information is there for all cards including original labels, etc.

This issue happened after I added internal links from the documents references to music files in the research folder for two documents. I believe it happened after I tried to play a music file from the document reference using an external editor. The external editor option opened the music player as a split screen and played the file. When I returned to work in another document, the Inspector stayed stuck.

I’ve tried creating new documents, and the Inspector is still stuck on that same document.

The Inspector is working normally in other projects, although I don’t have music in any other project.

I seem to have corrected the issue. I opened a document in split screen. As soon as I did this, the Inspector returned the proper information. I went back to No Split and the Inspector stayed with the correct information.

I would say the bug is likely still there, but at least it’s fixable.


Hi Sara,

Glad you got this working. This actually is likely due to a known issue where the inspector can be locked on an editor split even after that split is closed. This will get changed so that Scrivener automatically unlocks the inspector if the split it’s locked to is closed, but in the meanwhile if you run into this again, just check in the inspector footer for the lock icon and click it to unlock it.

Of course, if you do that and it doesn’t fix the issue, then we do have a separate bug on our hand, so any other details you can provide in that case would be great.