026 Margin changes affect document notes

in 026, Windows 7 64bit
When changing the size of margin in tools, options, Editor to 70 point to seperate the writing from the binder tree, so scan reading is eaier the document notes also take on the same margin settings.

It would be preferable of the margin settings for editor and coc/project notes were seperate
or that there was the ability to add a gutter margin on the left for display only purposes.

Also noticed that right margin settings in the editor were not maintaining their value consistantly
if set to 6 will ofter go t0 6.5 as you click through text files.

Output to RTF, the right margin settings are being ignored, when compile-as is is picked.

Once you have created a saved compile format you cannot modify it except by doing a save and overwrite because any change switches the compile type to ‘custom’ which is fine for your built in compile formats but annoying for custom saved formats. Doesn’t seem to be anywhere to specify the default font to be used in a custom compile format.

other than that great software

Thanks for checking out Scrivener and for the feedback!

Fixing the document notes margins is among the remaining polishing items that Lee will be addressing before release. They’ll change so that, like project notes, they’re not affected by the margins set for the editor.

The margin settings there are for the display only, so they don’t affect compile. There should however be an option for adjusting the page settings in compile, and that remains to be added.

“Custom” in the compile settings just means that the settings are changed from the preset. The settings save for that project when you compile, so you don’t specifically have to click “save” in order to use them again next time you compile that project. Saving allows you to load the settings in other projects (or again in this same project after you’ve changed your settings and want to go back). To update your custom preset so that the modified version is saved externally of the project then yes, you do need to save again.