026 - Minor compile quirk

Using standard novel compiling settings:

If there is not a carriage return (newline? whatever you want to call it) after the last paragraph of (the last text file in) a chapter, then that last paragraph will instead appear at the top of the page of the following chapter.

I have only tested this with compiling to pdf. It was very tricksy to isolate but is easy to replicate. I can upload/link to example images if my description is unclear.

Could you provide some screenshots of your binder and compile settings (namely the contents, formatting, and separators panes) or else some step-by-step instructions so I can reproduce this in a new project? Your explanation seemed clear enough but I’m not able to get this to happen, so I think there may be something else involved besides the lack of a carriage return. Thanks!

Oh, also, could you confirm you’re using beta 026 and not 025? Some compile issues were fixed between the two and you may just have the older version and its bugs.


Despite having easily reproduced the bug yesterday in a new project, I’m unable to recreate it again. I’m going to muck around and see if I can get it to show up.

Incidentally, I was pretty sure that I was using 026, but my version number said 025, so I (re?)installed 026. Note too, however, that I had trouble re-recreating the bug before reinstalling.

If I can’t get it to show up again and consistently by the end of Monday I’ll admit defeat & post an update. Here I was feeling like I’d finally contributed something to reciprocate for the use of these awesome beta releases.

Naturally! It’s gremlins! :slight_smile:

Defeat admitted (which is success, really, I suppose). I can’t get the bug to appear in my fresh 026 install.