026 - Open in External Editor not working

I haven’t tried this in earlier versions so I don’t know if it’s a new problem. But right-clicking on a PDF, image, or audio file in the Research folder and selecting Open in External Editor, or selecting it and clicking Control-F5, does not work on my computer. There is a brief hourglass and then nothing happens. Vista Home Premium, Acrobat Pro 9, Picasa Photo Viewer. One possible cause is that I had to install Scrivener in an alternate directory because I do not have administrator privileges on this user account.

That bug was supposed to be fixed a few betas back - I can’t try it out right now as I’m away from my PC but I’ll check when I get home.

Ok, I’m home now & have checked this. I can’t replicate your issue.
It works fine for me on a fully patched Vista Home premium machine. Fresh 026 Scriv installed to default directory (as Admin), so you could be right about your install issue.