026 - Options "return ends editing synopsis"


OMG, I thought it worked so fine, with shift+return, to make a new line in Synopsis…
Well, I was wrong.

The option “return ends editing synopsis” was set to “off”…
Once turned “on”, return does NOT do anything…

Turned On : At return, nothing happens, cursor stays after last letter written ; you get NO RETURN, NO END, only a blinking cursor.

Turned Off : You can add multiple lines without problem… and to get out of there, just click somewhere else.

Hm, OK. I’m seeing this behavior with the synopsis in the inspector, but it’s working properly in outliner and corkboard. Is that the same for you?

With the Return key behavior set to work as a new line, you can also use Tab or Alt to end editing. (Alt just ends; Tab will jump to the next editing field if one is available.)

Also, there’s no “shift-return” behavior at all yet; that was just working because you were hitting Return and it was set to use that as a new line. (It’s something Lee’s working on adding, but it’s more complicated than it ought to be.)

In outliner AND corkboard :

With “return ends” set ON, hitting return ends indeed, and it gives no chance to get another line.

With “return ends” set OFF, hitting return gives a new line as expected…

All right, that’s the expected behavior. I think though that this changed the behavior in the inspector synopsis with one of the recent updates, although I may be losing my mind–in my head, return in the inspector still functioned as a new line regardless of the settings in the Options. I need to check on that though; I’m probably just thinking of the Mac version.

In any case, as I said, Lee is looking into options for allowing a new line in a form field, so hopefully this is something he’ll be able to work out in the near future, as the ability to add new lines and tabs to fields is certainly something we’d like. Meanwhile, just leave “return ends” unchecked; you can use the Alt key to end the editing (or click somewhere, as you said).