026 outline columns don't always stick.

Hi, I keep losing the preference I have set for outline columns. occasionally, I will look at the outline and all of the columns are back. Other times, it remembers my choice.

I have been trying to figure out what I do differently, but it seems totally random.
Today I opened a project using File/open and the columns were back to default. Yesterday, I opened it the same way and my preferences were there. (I will call this one project A)

I have two projects open, and the one that opened with scrivener is showing my preferences (I will call this one project B). So I experimented. I shut down the projects so that when I opened scrivener project A would open. Then I used File/open to open project B. No joy. Project B still opened with my preferences.

operating system: Windows 7 professional scrivener .2.6

This is simply a bug… Have a look here:

Currently Scrivener will remember your outliner preferences only if you switch to outliner view at least once every time your project is open.