026 Unable to see images connected to HTM/HTML files

I’m unable to see the images connected to an htm file

That is I CAN drag images and htm file in, and they all show up on the corkboard, but the htm file shows a question mark where the images are supposed to be.

I’ve even tried importing even though it seems the only option is to get an ONLINE file VS a local one from in my computer (which I did not want to do) but even with the import, the images do not show

Anyone know how to do this?

See screengrab



I get this, too…I’m assuming it has something to do with how the original web page is coded? The web page import thing seems to be a little browser that downloads the web page.

I’ve hand-coded HTML for over ten years. I had coded the page I dragged from my hard drive with no subfolders to the path of the image, no javascript, php, or anything to complicate the issue. So it “should” have gone in clean, but it didn’t…

As a test, I also tried the import mode with the original online page which I had re-coded to simplify.
However, the question marks came came up exactly the same. I can understand THAT page not showing the images correctly as the coding has a complicated structure with subfolders to images, javascript, and ads coming from another server. But don’t understand why my cleaned up page doesn’t show images.


Okay…what version of windows are you running? Are you current on everything? If memory serves, when I first installed Scrivener (via wine) I had lousy image formatting and PDF rendering until I installed quicktime.
For kicks, is your quicktime up to date?
How about directx? (it does use some of those files.)
What image format are the images you’re trying to import in the web page?

Edit: Looked back in the thread. .NET being installed at all (v. 2.0 or above) helped the wine users–native windows binary, but seems Scrivener uses it for file importing. (It didn’t work for us at all until we installed it.) So is .NET installed?

WINXP service Pack 3 with all recent updates. I have the latest QT but don’t use it–find it too slow, perhaps there’s a basic antagonism between the native Apple format and Windows which winds up making it too slow. Therefore I use the latest DivX to open up all video files.

I reformatted my drive recently and have the latest updates on all my software and drivers, but did not install NET.
UPDATE–checked my registry: NETFramework is NOT installed. I didn’t know if it was needed to run Scrivener properly, so I’ll go ahead and download it from microsoft. Hope it works.
Thanks for the tip, Garpu!

Well I downloaded/installed .NET Framework 3.5 SPI with the latest service pack (2) from Microsoft
Restarted the computer.
NO changes in the htm file. Still shows question marks instead of images

I then downloaded/installed directX 9.29.1974 from Microsoft
Restarted the computer.

Sadly, still absolutely NO changes in the htm file. Still shows question marks instead of images


Hrm, strange…do you have the 2008 C++ redistributable file installed? Odd things can happen if it isn’t. And if you formatted/reinstalled, it might not be.

How do I check to see if I do? What is the name of the exe, or what do I search for?

Do I look in the Windows folder, or pull up regedit?

I’m not a programmer, but I can troubleshoot XP fairly well

I really appreciate your help

It should be either a windows update or available via the MS website.

Also: what kind of file is the image on the website? Can you import that image into scrivener normally?

Here you go: microsoft.com/download/en/de … LSUS007998

Yea, the images are all standard jpgs. I had no problem dragging those to Scrivener, and they all show up in the corkboard, and the htm shows all the text in the correct format.

I’m downloading the C++ file you mentioned. will keep you posted

Installed the C++ But ti did not help. Still seeing question marks.
It’s the first time I’ve tried putting an htm file into Scrivener.
Its important research so I’d hate to not be able to put it in. I suppose I could just put the information in a text file, but the text relates to specific images, so I’d rather have the htm file

Hrm. I’m stumped. :frowning:

Me too, but I really appreciate all your help.
Maybe Lee or Jennifer have a solution?

Are you just dragging a .htm file from your computer into the binder or using import>file (these both do the same thing, vs. importing a web page)? There does seem to be an issue with the referenced images being stripped, so I’ve made a note of that for Lee to see what can be done.

Hi Jennifer
I’ve tried importing but that seems to be only if one wants an online file (the images didn’t show up anyway)

I then tried dragging the local htm file AND the local images connected to that htm file into the same sub-folder of my binder.
The images show up on the corkboard, the text comes up in the htm file, but only question marks where the images are supposed to go

Attached is a .jpg of two merged screengrabs.

Top part is a view of the corkboard which shows the images which are in the same folder as the htm file

Below that is a view of the htm source. As you can see, the path to the images is direct-- no sub-folders, or path with an address to an http://

Let me know if you need any more info.

BTW: Despite the occasional minor bug, the more I use Scrivener, the more I fall madly in love with the program. What a perfect way to build the entire universe of my stories. It inspired me to go into a time travel story I put away for years because the concept was too complex to wrap my head around. By putting images, sketches, maps, notes and bios into the same “binder” and breaking down each area, the story is starting to make sense.
merged screengrabs.jpg

Speak of the devil.

Today I tried to import this page (using ctrl-shift-w) to Scrivener: threadsmagazine.com/item/372 … ith-bleach

None of the images imported, either, although I’ve never had an issue with images not importing on prior versions. (This is 026 windows with wine, so sorta like XP.)

026 was the first one I tried to bring in an htm file. So you’d successfully brought in an htm in earlier betas?

Yeah all the time. No dice now.