029 - apparently missing Scrivener Manual

If you do a clean install of 029, apparently the manual isn’t included, though it used to be there in an overlay install.

What you get is a helpful message saying the manual will appear if you reinstall. But it doesn’t.

I was trying to figure out as perry what you have to do to ‘import a cover image’ that will show in a Kindle book compile. Easy-peasy, actually. Use Add:Existing Files from right-mouse on Research or a new folder you create to bring the image in. You can’t do it in the Draft folder. Then when you compile, there’s a Cover setting with a pull-down menu which will list available images to select.

I only couldn’t get the required HTML table of contents, and guess it’s not there yet in 029, though the other required NCX table of contents is.


I can confirm the error with the manual.