029: Can't add or sort columns in outliner - Is it just me?

So far, loving Scrivener for most writing tasks. But I noticed some issues with the Outliner mode on my machine (vista sp-2, 32-bit). I cannot right-click on the column headers to sort by, to add or remove columns, or anything else. I can left-click them to rearrange the columns, and right-clicking works fine in other areas of the program. I was especially interested in seeing the word count for each scene I’ve laid out so far, but can’t do the right-click thing to add the column.

Is there a work-around? Is anyone else having this issue? Is it a bug or is it just me? :frowning:

This is a feature mentioned in the tutorial which isn’t actually implemented for Scrivener yet; the tutorial just hasn’t been revised (it’s undergoing that now, so it’ll be ready for 1.0). Sorting will be added later but isn’t going to make it into 1.0. To add or remove columns, you can use View>Outliner Columns or click the button in the right of the header, just above the scroll bar.

Great, thanks. And yes, I finally found the drop down arrow that lets me pick the columns I see. (I hadn’t looked hard enough, or read the tutorial close enough…)

Another strange thing about the outliner, though. The first time I switched to it, the synopses were cut short. I could see more of them if I expanded the column, but the outline row was forced to one line. This morning, when I opened the project, the synopses were “wrapped,” showing the full thing, and each outline row was a variable height to accommodate the text. Maybe somebody fixed that overnight? :wink: