029: Cell Length in Tables Bug?

Hi There,

This is my first ever post here and I really hope I’m in the right place - it seemed more like a bug than anything… I’ve done a search for the problem too - if it’s duplicated I apologise!

I’m new to Scrivener and it’s awesome generally speaking… however: I’ve pasted some tables from OpenOffice Writer as well as creating some tables from scratch.

Where I’ve changed the cell length percentages on various tables, it hasn’t saved these settings. The tables look OK while I’m in the project, but when I close down all those saved details seem to be lost and when I open the project again, all the tables are back to 33% per column again.

I thought perhaps I was seeing things so just tested it and it’s basically as if I never adjusted any of those properties at all. Everything else about the tables - cell background colours, font and such - are retained. I have several tables in different text files and it is the same situation in all of them - where they’re 3 column tables it’s 33% and where they’re 5 column tables it’s 20% etc.

My netbook uses Windows 7 Starter.

Hope this is enough…

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the post! This is a known bug on Lee’s list–the tables aren’t saving their widths when copied in or when created in Scrivener, and empty lines after them also disappear, oddly enough. This should be corrected for the 1.0 release, but until the bug is fixed I’m afraid I don’t have a good workaround to offer you; tables will keep resizing to fit the page.

Cool - thank you!

And as it’s the only problem I’ve had so far with the program, well done thus far!