029 conundrum

And there was me thinking I was imagining things …

If there is no title for the text, 029 automatically takes the first line of text and uses that ! - usually after it has auto-saved.

Unnerving when I’m writing a poem, I hate to think if this happens to a novelist.

Perhaps I need to put the title in first … :unamused:

You can change the title at any time. Just click on the synopsis in the inspector or in the header in the editor.

You can, that is not the issue… Is it acceptable for Scrivener to auto name? I’ve gotten on quite well until now with “untitled” until I decide what to call the text/chapter…

Actually, I noticed and really like this. Just didn’t want to be posting more until 029 is stable.

It’s driven me crazy to put in a title, and then need to mouse to get into the text.

With the improvement, I can just start writing while an idea is fresh, and have something usable turn up in the title automatically.

If I want a better title, easy to click-hold on the label, and type it in later.

It feels great, and is also just the way OneNote works.

2p from here…


You can turn this off in the General tab of Tools>Options… if you don’t like Scrivener auto-naming for you, and that will revert to the old behavior you’re used to where documents will simply remain “Untitled”. Just remove the tick mark from “Automatically name untitled documents upon saving”. Best of both worlds, I hope. :slight_smile:

Oh ! Gawd - you mean I have to start reading the instruction manual !!! :smiling_imp:

At this rate Scrivener will be in a position to set its own alarum to make coffee … :mrgreen:

I’m sure I read somewhere that it already does. :wink:

Yes, but the default alarm sound is “Roll Out the Barrel” which I find quite jangly on my nerves. Is there any way to change it to, say, “Like a Virgin?”

:laughing: Nathan