029 green flickering gezotz, a really cute one

I had to take a picture of this so you’ll believe me.

Ahem. How I got this.

  1. Have the Tutorial project open.
  2. click Part 3 Step 15. Looks normal.
  3. Now click Part 3 Step 16. This green gezotz, the old percent complete thermometer, appears, flashing or flickering like crazy.
  4. It actually has nothing to do with the characters Target for the document; you can set that at the bottom of the screen, and see it as a small and neutral (finally) orange bar.
  5. Change the width of the text editor, either by pulling its right border or by pulling the window size around. Notice that the %figure in the green gezotz alters, and perhaps flashes between a lower value and 57%, or 60%, which it likes.
  6. Doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else. Just on Section 16 of the Tutorial. Maybe it’s a graphic in there, but how is it active as far as the % complete, if so???

Enough experiments with it. Wierd. Feels like it could have to do with stability, too. Closing and restarting Scrivener 029 has no effect – the green gezotz remains.


It has to do with Scrivener not loading the page completely. Scroll all the way to the bottom to force it to load and it will go away. Lee’s aware of this and hopefully will get a fix for it soon. Changing the size of the editor can affect this too–the smaller the editor, the more likely the page won’t completely load, so you can sometimes fix this by widening the editor.

Ok, that works, and explains.

Thank you, Jennifer.