029 - peculiar apostrophe loss in synopsis

This is a good one. Let’s see if I can describe precisely.

Visible: apostrophes in older synopses show as a black-framed question mark. Like this:

Now, looking in a hex editor:

  • the question mark character is a real question mark, 0x3f.
  • the character in the original scrivening text which the synopsis came from shows as 0x92.
  • 0x92 is a somewhat unusual ‘extended’ character, which sometimes is an apostrophe
  • however, by Google check, lots of software has problem with 0x92.
  • a more normal apostrophe would be 0x27

Further, if you try making a new scrivening in release 029, apostrophes are again 0x92.

And, if you auto-create a synopsis on the new scrivening, this time the 0x092 shows properly in the synopsis, and has the value 0x92 there as well. No black question mark substitution.

Last, re-creating a bad synopsis by pushing the auto-synopsis button, or selecting and pushing the button clears the problem: the synopsis now appears with its apostrophes intact. So this can be a workaround.

Not certain about the ‘extended’ nature of 0x92, as it appears to be still a single quote/apostrophe, not a smart single quote, but I could be wrong on appearances.


This looks to me like Courier vs. Courier New. Is the font of the text Courier? If so, try Courier New.

Nice idea, but in trying it, doesn’t seem so.

  • both the Courier and Courier New font settings give the same result.
  • in fact, any font for synopsees gives the black-backed question mark.
  • in the main Scrivening text, either Courier or Courier New as they are on this machine shows apostrophes correctly, even though they are hex 0x92.

The question mark is really in the synopsis text by the time I see it under 029, as the hex viewing shows.

How it got there appears to be something about how the synopses were stored in a previous version, or converted for this version.

Minor point, considering some at the moment, and again, just redoing the synopsis either by default or by selection will cure as a workaround.

a little more info here, though again this is not any kind of crucial bug to hit now.

Note the tilted and not-tilted apostrophes. It’s the tilted ones (no doubt that 0x92) which cause the problems. They are there because I have smart quotes set, no doubt, which is not a fault.

Conclusion: pre-029 synopses, or some of them, which involves smart single quotes apostrophes, somehow get those tilted apostrophes turned into black-backed question marks in 029.

End enough of that story.