029: Problems with MOBI Compile


I’m finding some problems compiling to the MOBI format. Maybe I don’t have something set properly, or maybe there are bugs. I’m not sure.

Here are my findings…

  • The “Compile As-Is” option does nothing. I had hoped to use this to center text on title and copyright pages.
  • The “Include in Compile” option seems to be ignored if not set before the first compile of the project. (Could be template related, as it is compiling on what was flagged originally in the template.)
  • All blank lines are stripped from the document during the compile.

Please let me know if I am setting something improperly.


Anyone else testing this?

I’ve seen the blank-line removal. I’ve not seen the compile includes being ignored, but I have seen the “as-is” being ignored. Moreover, I’ve seen the compile symbols like <$wc100> being ignored. Finally, I have a document with title, author and word count information in a top-level folder, but no text. The folder is set up to compile as a title into the document. This compiles properly for other compile targets but is ignored for Mobi and Epub targets.

I can reproduce this one as well.

Thanks for all the reports. I am checking into these, and Lee already has a bunch on the list he’s working through for the release; ebook compile formats especially are a bit behind, having only been added recently, so all your notes are helpful!

Thank you, Jennifer.
Tell Lee I really appreciate all you guys are doing.

That’s a big me-too from me on that one!

I’ve just started my first “rewrite” with Scrivener, and I can’t believe how easy and painless Scrivener is making the whole process for me: I’m enjoying something I used to dread. Every fix and improvement Lee & team make, the better it gets. I’m ready to put ads on my blog at this point, and it’s now something I mention to my writer friends/acquaintances.



Hi, sorry to jump on to someone else’s thread - I wasn’t quite sure which was the way forward as I rarely use forums and don’t know the etiquette - sorry!

To try and help the original poster, I’ve previously had problems with Mobi compile not centering
lines using Mobipocket software. I only used it a couple of times and it was an incompatibility with the way M/S word formats documents. I think switching from *.docx to *.rtf solved the problem, but I’m afraid that’s as much as I can remember.

As far as my own problem goes, I’m not sure if this is a bug or a case of operator error. I’ve been trying to compile straight to *.mobi format for Kindle and am having problems with several things:

1.) The formatting for Table of Contents doesn’t seem to work. I am using the following structure: Act (1/2/3) folder > Chapter folder > separate text documents for each scene. Chapter One is included in TOC, but the only other entries are the numbered scenes. Is it that my directory structure is incompatible with the formatting?

2.) There is an option to switch UL characters to italicised, but no conversion is taking place during the compile, despite this box being checked.

3.) “Page break before” does not seem to be working either.

Normally I would put all of these things down to my own lack of expertise, but I asked about the compile to Kindle format before and there seemed to be some question over whether it would be ready for the alpha release.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks. That might give Lee a clue to fixing the problem, but unfortunately it doesn’t help me. Since I’m compiling from Scrivener to the .mobi format, there is no flavor of rtf involved aside from Scrivener’s use of it. KindleGen does the actual compile. I wonder if it has default settings I can explore.

Taking my previously hidden Front Matter, Story, and Back Matter folders and including them into the compile, I was able to confirm that this is a bug.

I can confirm this one as well.

But like you said, it was a surprise to get this export option at all this early in the game, so I’m not complaining. I’m confident Lee will get to these. He just has to prioritize what fires to put out first.

Thanks for that - sorry I couldn’t be of more help with your own issue. I did attempt to recreate the centering problem in Mobicreator, but that is now not working at all - some kind of javascript error - so I’m afraid I’m still not much use to you.

One minor success however, as a result of some tinkering was I discovered that typing the title into the otherwise empty document (folder) which represents my chapter heading got an entry in the TOC (as opposed to compile simply using the name of the folder).

Sadly it didn’t help much because I’m still getting unrequested page breaks between each document, but as you say, it may help the man trace the bug.

Any news on these issues? :confused: