029 Scrivener can't find user manual

I went to start a new project but when I noticed there was a user manual I decided to check it out.
However, Scrivener said it couldn’t find it, to try reinstalling (see screen grab)

Would it help to reinstall in order to use it, or is this a placeholder for the user manual for a future release?


Not sure about that particular problem but if you get into Scrivener then select Help/Scrivener Manual, you should find the manual loads up (does for me anyway)

andygrunt’s workaround does not work for me. When I try it I get the same error message as Marta.

Strange. The manual is located in the Scrivener folder. For me that’s:

C:\Program Files\Scrivener\resources

And the file’s called: UserManual-Windows.pdf

And it has the following on the title page: “April, 2011 Revision: beta 022 - Rev. 01 BETA PREVIEW”

Is the file on your hard drive?

Just checked. Not installed. This is probably due to the fact that I did a clean install in an effort to combat the opening a project crash.

I would’ve thought the PDF gets added no matter what type of install you do but clearly something’s gone wrong somewhere so perhaps that’s it.

Until it gets fixed, you could always manually add the older version of the manual available in this thread.

You can also grab the PDF from the support page at any time. The .scriv version of the file will likely often be more up to date than the PDF for a little while now.

Doesn’t load up from the help menu either.

I checked under C:\Program Files\Scrivener\ for a pdf. Only PDF there is called “Shortcuts INTERNAL DEV USE ONLY RealEstate Guide v8.pdf” (in C:\Program Files\Scrivener\resources)

Nothing in C:\Documents and Settings\TM\Local Settings\Application Data\Scrivener either

Question for Amber.
I downloaded the manual you suggested, as well as the pdf on that link.

What sub-folder should I put the folder that has the WinMac-ScrivenerManual.scrivx and all it’s corresponding files so it comes up correctly when I click the link?

Thanks to both of you,

Marta, the full Scrivener project folder isn’t something you can integrate with the help menu. That’s just going to be a more up to date copy (I uploaded a new version this morning) of the source project that makes the PDF. It’s the PDF that needs to be in place. I’m not sure why that isn’t linking up right with the help menu, but for now you can just keep it on your desktop and load it from there instead of using the menu.

thanks, Amber
will do

If you rename the PDF to “UserManual-Windows” and place it inside the Resources folder in the Scrivener directory (probably under Program Files (x86), unless you chose another install location), then it will be accessible from the Help menu. The file just appears to have been not included with the 029 installer, but once you add the renamed file downloaded from the L&L site, it will link up with the menu just fine.

YES! That worked.
Thank you,