029 - Status on index cards

Not sure if this has been reported but the status on the index cards in corkboard view is no longer visible. Also the label has reverted to a coloured tab on the right hand corner rather than the pinhead that I previously selected.

I installed 029 the day after it was released and have been using it with no problems. Turned it on today and noticed that there was something different about the corkboard. It took me a few moments to realise what it was.

If I right click on an index card and go to the status option I can see that the status that I have chosen is still highlighted. However I can no longer get it to appear across the front of the index cards themselves. I have tried changing the status and changing it back but to no avail.

The good news is that I have been able to change the label back to a pin however and so far this has held.

I am using Scrivener on two machines: a Sony Vaio laptop and a desktop PC. Both are running Windows Vista.

Whether the status appears on the cards is a project-specific option, meaning it shouldn’t have been changed even if you (or an accident of the installer) reset your global preferences. Perhaps you accidentally hit the shortcut (F10) and toggled this off in your project? At any rate, to turn it back on you can use that shortcut or the menu option View>Corkboard>Show Stamps.

The appearance of the pins (as pushpins or the colored chip in the corner) is handled at the global level in Tools>Options… under the Corkboard tab, so adjusting this will change it for all projects. Sounds like you got that one already.

Thanks MM. This worked. Stupid me. Much obliged.


Same here, thanks <---- what a dope!