035 Crash after pressing Ctrl+5

I’ve been going through the tutorial for Scrivener, and when I attempt to create a Snapshot by using the shortcut, I immediately get the message from Windows that Scrivener has stopped working, and that it needs to close immediately.

I’ve tried to do it a second and third time after restarting Scrivener, but no matter which page or section I’m on, pressing Ctrl+5 initiates an error message again and again. I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium at the moment, with Scrivener installed on my external hard drive.

ETA: It’s not just the short-cut only - trying to take a snapshot via “Documents > Snapshots > Take Snapshot” also causes an immediate error message and subsequent programme shutdown.

Thanks for the report, although I’m sorry you’re getting this! It’s a rare bug that’s been lurking for a while now but we’re having trouble reproducing it or finding the cause. What version of Windows are you using, and are you running in an admin account or standard? When you restart Scrivener after the crash, has the snapshot been saved in the document where you tried to take it? And finally, are you able to play the audio file in the Tutorial project and other media?


I’m currently running a Windows Vista Home Premium with a Service Pack 2, and I was running my administrator’s account when I was using Scrivener. After the restart, yes, the snapshots are there and saved, but whenever I press the shortcut, it simply crashes on me. However, I am able to play the audio file in the Tutorial (initially I thought I couldn’t - then I realized I had my computer on mute).