035 crash conversion engine

The 035 Scrivener crashed when I tried to import my timeline which is a Word 2003 doc in landscape format.

I had successfully imported a detailed vertical timeline (also a Word 2003 doc) just a few minutes before. That doc had no problem importing and kept the columns the desired width (which it had been unable to do in 029) SWEET!

The landscape PDF still has to be opened in the default external editor (Adobe Acrobat 7)

Could the landscape format be the issue?

I gather that the HTML issue of not showing graphics has yet to be resolved? (just curious)

win XP service pack 3
conversion engine.jpg

Might be that it’s landscape; you could try changing it or importing a different sample doc in the landscape format and see if it gets the error. The problem is in the conversion, which is done by Doc2Any, so we’ll probably need to file a bug report with them to investigate this. Would it be possible for you to send a copy of the document that’s causing the crash (or another sample doc that causes the crash) to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so we can test this and check with the Doc2Any folks? Thanks.

(Yes, webpage importing hasn’t been fully dealt with yet.)

Hi Jennifer,
As requested, I emailed the screengrab of the crash report, and the document that caused the crash (Bloodline Timeline.doc) to your support team.

I tried a simple test in landscape format-- just wrote “LANDSCAPE FORMAT TEST” across the page but made the page setup landscape instead of portrait. Saved, and dragged into Scrivener. It did NOT cause a crash, and imported correctly.

I then tried dragging the Bloodline Timeline.doc again. Unfortunately got another crash. I wondered if it could be the macros, so I dragged in the original Microsoft template (naturally, saved it as a .doc-- not dot.) into Scrivener. Scrivener did NOT crash, but when I looked at the document inside Scrivener, it was completely BLANK

The timeline template was downloaded directly from the Microsoft Office website. The only adjusting I made was changing the information inside info boxes and timeline. ( I did make the font smaller)

(see screengrab of the microsoft template.doc as seen in Word 2003)

Let me know if you need more info

Win XP service Pack 3

Thanks for testing this and sending the document, I’ll take a look at it. Meanwhile you could try just adding it as a Project Reference so that you can have quick access to it via the link to open the document in Word when you need it.

Yes, thank you. That works.