035 Crash When Loading Project Statistics/Compiling

Anyone else seeing Scrivener hang and then crash when you try to open the Project Statistics window? The same issue happens when I try to compile my project. The Compile dialog loads, but it crashes after I press the Compile button on the dialog. It doesn’t seem to matter how I output it.

I don’t have a lot of data available, only a listing of files that Windows thought could have something to do with it.


These files did not exist when I tried to search for them in Explorer.

I tried this on two separate systems, but with the same project file. Doing the same things on the Scrivener Tutorial project file does not crash the program. Does this mean it’s a corrupted project file? (It shouldn’t be… all this was working fine in build 29)

OS is Windows 7 64-bit on the desktop, Windows 7 32-bit on the laptop. All latest updates applied.

Let me know if I need to give you any more information.

Thanks for all the details. A couple other users have reported the project statistics crash; this is the first compile one I’ve seen. About how large is the project you’re testing with (file size), and what’s the approximate word count of the Draft?

File size of the .scrivx file is 72kb. The total file size of the project folder is 3.27MB (4.53MB on disk). Approximate word count is 88,500 words. Not really heavy on media. Just a couple pictures, but they are not in files being included in the compile or project statistics.

I should also point out that the file listing above is from trying to open up Project Statistics. I couldn’t get a similar error log to open up for the compile error.

If the programmers want the project folder to play with, I don’t mind sending it over.

Thanks. Let me try a bit more to recreate this in a sample project of my own, but if I’m not getting any luck I’ll be back to ask for a copy of yours. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem with compilation.
I was able to compile to .doc after I got the new beta this morning, but tonight it crashes. I’ve tried compiling .doc and .rtf and preview.
My project is 64kb for the .scrivx file and 1.48MB for the project folder. The word count is about 72,000.
Thanks for any help.

edit: I just tried to run the project statistics and it crashed there as well.
edit2: I made a new project and tried compiling that. A very different compile box opens and it works without crashing. The old project still crashes.

wermerj - What OS version are you on? Also Win7?

Would either of you mind sending a copy of the project that’s getting the crashes to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that Lee can test this more effectively and figure out what’s causing the problem? I’ve been unable so far to replicate this with a project of my own, so it would be quite helpful to have one reliably giving this issue. All contents will be kept confidential, of course, and the project will be deleted as soon as Lee’s had a chance to debug it. If you’re willing, just right-click on the project’s .scriv folder when the project is closed and choose “Send to / compressed (zip) file” and then attach that to an email to the support address. Thank you!

I’m using Windows 7-64.
I’ll send the file now.

Great, thanks!

I’ll send you mine in the morning when I’m at that computer.

I’m having the same problem. I checked and it seems to be only the file I want to compile (of course). Let me know if you need samples. I may be off line for a day or two - wifi is not all that reliable in France - oh did I mention I was in France. Good news = got the scrivener download here, but I haven’t been able to spend time testing.

Ah, la France! C’est bien! Mangez du pain et de la fromage! :slight_smile:

I’ve got two samples passed on to Lee, thanks to chrisw10 and wermerj, so I think we’ll be good, but I’ll certainly let you know if there’s anything else he could use to test this. Thanks for the offer!

Yes, crashing when compiling for me too on 035. Fantastic until now. I’m using Windows Vista, Home Basic, Service Pack 2. Thanks much for all the hard work.

Lee’s got this fixed now. It seems to be a problem with compiling empty documents, which is why it’s not happening for all projects. Thanks to everyone who reported on this and those who sent the sample projets; it made the job of fixing it a lot easier!

do we need to download a patch or something? I tested my project that crashed on compile and it still happens.

Sorry, no, there’s not an update release yet with the fix; I just meant he’s found the bug and fixed it for the next release. Apologies for the confusion.

By the way, I just changed all my first levels within Draft to Folders (I’m now following the Binder structure in the interactive Tutorial) and compiling seems to work now, even with empty documents. Previously I had set my first levels as Text Documents rather than Folders. (I converted my first level Text Documents to Folders using Documents, Convert, Convert to Folder). Hope this makes sense.

I might have missed a solution somewhere else, but I’m having a similar issue where I can’t access my Project Statistics for Scrivener and the app just crashes when I try. Thank you for your help in advance!

You’ve restarted a thread 11 years old.

Others will want to know the version numbers you are running for Scrivener and Windows. Please state here. Also indicate what app for virus scanning/monitoring you might be using.

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Oops sorry, my Scrivener version is , I’m on Windows 10, and I have Malwarebytes running!