035 ePub compile: Page break after every paragraph

Oddly, chapters 1 to 14 and 17 onward compile perfectly. The chapter heading “15” appears on its own page, then so does every par in that chapter. Then 16 appears on its own page and all the remaining pars in chapter 16 revert to proper formatting. Edit view appears the same for all chapters (double line spacing, first line indent, chapter heading centred in bold italic, copy following on next line). I’ve checked that “page break between…” instructions are consistent from chapter to chapter and backspaced out line returns between several pars to check that no strange chars have crept in to force the apparently rogue page-breaks. I’ve recompiled several times with the same result. It doesn’t happen on a .doc compile. If all else fails, I’ll open new folders and copy the contents of the errant chapters into them, trashing the old ones. But I’d still like to know if there’s an answer.

Is the binder structure for chapter 15 exactly the same as for the others–same hierarchy, same set up of folders/text documents/document groups? If they’re different you may have compile set up to insert different separators for these types. You could also turn on Invisibles in the editor to double-check these documents for line breaks, although you said you did already check for that (Format > Options > Show Invisibles). A screenshot of your binder and of your compile settings (specifically from the Contents, Formatting, and Separators panes) might help see what’s going on.

Also I’m a little confused by the post subject line–are you on 1.0.3? If not, I’d update as well.