035 Meter in Project Targets seems to update inconsistently

Sort of minor, but it seems like the Project Targets meter tries to be up to date relative to what you’ve typed, but… isn’t. I’ve got 25 words typed, and if I type in “200” then the meter jumps to indicate that I’m a bit over ten percent done - but if I add another zero, nothing happens. Higher numbers seem to get stuck early - trying to enter 50,000 it seems to register when I hit 50 but not update after that initial point.

In fact, what may be going on is that it updates once you’ve entered a number greater than what you’ve currently typed - but then doesn’t update again if you change the text to something that should cause the bar to update.

If you exit the window and re-open it, then the bar is at its correct point.

I’m running 35 on a 64-bit Windows install, if that matters.

Thanks for catching this. If you just click elsewhere out of that Project Targets window, it will fix itself.