035 small bug in Full Screen

Really a small bug (but I’ve just started bughunting) ; when in Full Screen, click on the Inspector icon (inspector pops up), then click on the Keywords icon (seems sometimes you have to click twice to make the window appear, part of the same bug I guess) – now you have both Inspector and Keywords windows open.

Ok, now click once (or twice) on the Inspector icon and see the Keyword window disappear.

Can anyone try this and confirm ?


Just tried this and the same thing happened.

992MB RAM; 100GB harddrive. XP.

Forgot to tell I’m on a 2 GB RAM Windows 7 (32 bits) machine.

That bug wasn’t fixed in 046.

I cannot reproduce in my copy of 046. I installed 046 over 045.

There’s still a bug here, and I’ve noted it down. E.g. Click inspector to open, click keywords to open, click inspector to close–all that is normal. Click inspector again and the inspector opens but keywords closes. Or rather, it doesn’t close, it just hides behind full screen. But obviously the point of the bug remains. :slight_smile: