046 - Crash every now and then

A first crash occurs while clicking on the “next” button in “find”.

A second crash occurs while clicking a file in the binder.

A third crash within the same 10 minutes occurs while typing some text into “documents notes”.

Edit : A little later, another crash happens while I’m doing simply nothing…
(I have added a handful of missing apostrophes in this file, and I was only reading it, without using the mouse, without clicking nor scrolling)

2nd Edit : Another one : I place my cursor on a particuler point in the file, then press shift+ctrl+home to select everything above that point… crash…

I’ve not experienced ‘crashes’ but numerous “unresponsiveness” issues - no specific reasons I can see - though the most recent, a few minutes ago, was accessing “recent project” >>> nothing happened for a while, then it became unresponsive, then the requested project opened up after ~ 60 secs.

So far this beta version seems to have caused me more worry than any in the previous 11 months … It also has some lagging when typing…

Mine froze for about 45 seconds on a simple cut and paste text operation last night. I had just downloaded 045 and was using it for the first time. It was frozen (Windows 7 going all gauzy white and stuff - “program not responding”), but eventually unfroze. I never saw that happen in 035.

As I said in an earlier post, mine was crashing every few minutes - simply shutting down (I posted the log here: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/repeated-crashes/15061/1]) - but it suddenly stopped crashing and was then fine 'til the end of the particular deadline I was trying to meet (prayer works, clearly!)… but it would be good to know what the problem is?!

Thanks for these reports.

I have managed to reproduce a crash whereby apostrophes imported from OpenOffice are replaced by an ‘?’, clicking to to the right of where the missing apostrophe should have been crashes Scrivener. We’re just fixed this issue.

Similar thing is happening with query marks although I can’t get Scrivener to crash this way.
This has been fixed to.

These two issues were a signed/unsigned issue, char instead of uchar bug that would have been introduced when support was added for double width character code pages which was a response to another bug.

I’m not sure if these projects you are talking about here have imported/pasted text like what I’ve described here?

If you are getting crashes, can you please send me the file so I can analyse and fix.