046 - Font changes on importing from .doc files

One of the files I am importing from word comes into Scrivener with a font that I am not using in Word nor in Scrivener…

The same file, when converted to .rtf comes with another font that I have not used…

What font does it start as and what does it change to?

In the meantime, this has happened more often.

Most of my Word files are in “Comic Sans MS”.

On arrival, it seems to be some kind of random, in no relation with fonts I do use : One of thes file I have saved as RTF was imported in (Arial), another font than the doc file (Monotype Corsiva), which was not in its own font (Comic Sans MS) on arrival either.

I remember I had one in “Helvetica”, and one in “SimSun” (which I didn’t even know I had on my computer).

One came out in “Harrington”, which I use sometimes for titles (but not in this particular file !).

All the others came out in “Monotype Corsiva” (which I also never use).

Edit : More recently, it seems to be mostly “Helvetica”…