046 - Slow when working directly in the Chapter

I noticed after a full day of playing mostly nicely, 046 has now decided to institute a delay up up to three seconds between the keystroke and the arrival of the character on-screen. Very disconcerting. The current Project file as just over 2500 words in it, and my system resources look to be well and truly under control, which leaves me with just Scrivener as the most likely reason.

When you say “directly in the Chapter”, do you mean if you’re viewing a folder and its contents in Scrivenings and working in that? There’s some lag that was introduced as part of a bug in Scrivenings view that Lee’s working on fixing now, so it may be what you’re seeing.

For what it’s worth, I’m noticing this as well. This is beta 0.46 (NaNoWriMo edition) running on Windows 7. This is the first and only version of Scrivener I have installed. I downloaded it this morning, but unlike MimeticMouton I didn’t have to wait all day for the slow key response to show up. I seem to have plenty of RAM and CPU cycles going spare, so I don’t think Scrivener is being crowded out.

Other than this annoyance, I’ve loved what I’ve seen of the program so far. Looking forward to a fix for this issue.

As in directly to the document itself, not the folder or any of the scrivenings.

In version 49 in scrivenings mode the application is very slow. I use a text of 18.000 words but I think the tables in the text are the reason for this slowing down.

I have the same problem (046). And it gets worse when text gets longer: it takes several seconds for each letter to appear. Such a pity, because at this point it is almost unusable.

Very strange - it sort of comes and goes. Today everything works just fine. The only thing I’ve changed is to turn off the ruler.

Lee’s made updates for 1.0 that should address this issue, and he’ll be working over the next month or two to rewrite the code base for Scrivener’s text editing to get away from the current limitations of the Qt framework, so come January there will be a huge increase in performance efficiency. As it is with 1.0, though, the bugs that caused really serious lag, especially in Scrivenings, have been dealt with.

Using an iMac with the latest Scrivener update (3.0.2 I believe), I’ve begun experiencing a noticeable delay between keystroke and the appearance of the letter or punctuation mark. Possibly 1 or 2 seconds. Not that much but annoying!
Any suggestions? Thanks, JohnGordon7676@gmail.com

John, first of all this is the Windows forum, and I think you’ll get a better response in one devoted to Mac. Secondly, this is a 7-year-old thread; whatever was wrong and got fixed in this thread is likely to be completely irrelevant to your issue. No offense meant, just suggesting that a fresh post in the forum for your operating system might be more effective.