046 spontaneous crash

I’m running 46 on win vista - working on a 10,000 word document pasted from MSWord, and am cut’n’pasting it into new sections [using split screen to move bits around]. I have been getting crashes [spontaneous, unannounced closures] entirely randomly [as far as i can tell].

I tried tracking down offending behaviours, but no pattern emerged. I then just opened the project and let it sit there on the screen… nothing happened. I then noticed that the project was not the focus. on clicking the caret into the Scriv editor/workspace… bang, off it goes.

I the tried creating a new Scriv project from scratch… blank template, named it, typed a few words, and left it there on the screen, with focus. It is still sitting there, good as gold!
So, my bug seems to be something to do with importing [cut’n’pasting] from MSWord.

hey ho