049 -- 046 Installer still needs a fix

For quite a while now (since the complete working over-installer?) Scrivener installs have had a continuing fault.

They do not remove the previous Scrivener’s entry from the Programs and Features listing of Windows, at least on Windows 7. This is where you generally go to remove programs.

I cleaned Scrivener out of this list manually before final install of 035, as I had a slew of entries again, one of them from a non-public beta. Now I have entries for 035, 045, plus 046 for the update today.

It’s a polish thing, important though not fatal, hope you guys agree.

Regards, and all support to the finish line,

The update notes item for registry cleanup caught my eye, so I checked Install/Remove Programs to see how many Scrivener listings I had.

Still several, so still needing to have those removed on install or update. Or maybe they’re still there because I only did an update?

BTW, do you intend to have both an install and an update for it showing as Scriveners to be removed in the control panel? Would removing the update back down to the pre-update version? I figure it should be only one Scrivener showing, even if there is a remove-update option, at least in feeling here.


Thanks, Clive. Some of this is to do with the installer Scrivener’s using and not something Lee’s able to change directly himself, so we’re exploring options. Running the uninstaller before installing a new version should of course still clear it.