049 Chap vs Scene 4 compile, finding formatting pane

ok… maybe it is just me, but there is a whole lot of instructions for changing the complining from scenes to chapters, adding your name to the headers, and such. Why can’t the compiler just check the use of chapters versus scenes, instead of having to tell it? And why doesn’t the headers get the name info from the title doc that we updated manually already? That lengthy list of steps to do: go to the formatting pane in the compile sheet and deselect this or that, blah, blah, blah.

Why can’t all of this be managed by a preference screen? A place where the user name, address, phone, email, choice of using chapters or scenes, headers and footer data be determined?

So until such an app can be instituted, where is the formatting pane in the compile sheet? I need to remember to make this change In the “Separators” pane of the Compile sheet, change the “Text separator” setting to “Page break”, but I can’t find it.

Thanks for your assistance,

When you click on compile, you may have the smaller quick options dialogue box open, with just two things to change… ‘Format as’ and ‘Compile for’.

If ou click on the little blue arrow just to the right of the ‘Format as’ box this opens a more detailed set of compile options. Click on the ‘Seperators’ page in the list on the left hand side of this dialogue box. It wil be the second one in the list.

Alright, I guess that was a silly question. I should have known that it was under File\Compile…, but I did not see the “…” after the Compile to see that there was other steps before the actual Compile.
With that said, I made the one separator change that it suggested due to the Scene to Chapter change, which I DO NOT understand why it was necessary. When it prompted me to save the new Compile settings, I noticed there was an error in the file string and I wondered if it would even save properly and it saved ok. The slash is going the wrong direction as shown here… C:\Users\F\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener/CompileSettings