049 Compile Complete Message in error

I was testing some Compile Chapter Titles and stats this evening and after having made all of the changes I thought were needed, I compiled, selected the prior doc and overwrote it, only to find that none of the changes took place. Then I realized that the time on the doc was wrong. It was still my prior doc that I was looking at. So in retesting it, I found that Scriv does not display a sharing violation due to the document being overwritten being open, instead it says it was sucessful and does nothing. It should be telling me that the document that I have selected is open and I cannot overwrite it and stop at that point or make me select a different doc or create a new one.

What format were you using for compile? (Also, as 049 is expired, are you referring to 1.0? If not, please ensure that this is still a problem on 1.0.) Scrivener does give a warning when this is an issue, e.g. if you have a file open in Word and attempt to overwrite it, a message comes up saying the compile was not possible because the file is in use by another application. Some programs don’t lock the file when it’s being viewed, so it is possible to overwrite the file, but you may need to refresh the view in the external program. PDFs are usually over-writable but readers rarely give a live update, so you’d need to close and reopen the file to see the changes.

I was using pdf and I was still using 049 because I set the computer to hibernate and given there is no restart of the application apparently it did not expire until I rebooted it today. I went in and reset the date back to the 3rd so I could go back into this version to check on these issues.

If I open doc 1 and doc 2 pdf’s in Adobe Reader and then save doc 2 as doc 1’s name, I get an Adobe Reader error “The document could not be saved. This file is already open.” I have worked with other applications that write to pdf’s and they would not if the pdf was still open, thus it seemed to make sense that Scriv would behave in the same manner.

PDFopen.doc (45 KB)

Thanks for the extra details. It looks like Adobe does lock the file and that isn’t getting picked up, so I’ve got it on the list to correct.