049 - Compile with Paragraph Numbering

Working on a 23.000 words file, with all it’s paragraphs numbered multilevel, I wish to compile this file. (It is split up into 6 pieces.)

Doc + rtf :
On first level, I get the appropriate numbering.
On second level, I get 1.%0
On third level, I get 1.%1.%0

I get this at each paragraph (no incrementation).

Pdf :

Numbers are in a correct presentation… except that on the very first occurence, I get only the dot, which makes all the numbering inappropriate again, but on another basis :

This time, on second level, I have 0.1. instead of 1.1. (and, of course 1.1. instead of 1.2. a.s.o.) and on the third level 0.1.1. instead of 1.1.1.

… which is somewhat annoying…