049 - Find (focus on dialog to hit escape)

I’m using the “find” function.
The searched string was not found, as tells me a dialog, on which I can click “yes”, to search from begin of document.
Focus is then on this new dialog (I can press enter, and it will go and search from the beginning).

If string is not found, another dialog pops up, saying “not found”.
Here again, focus is on that dialog, and I can press ok by using “enter” or “return” or even “escape” (which will act like clicking “no”, and close this box).

Next step should be either to type in another string, or to hit escape (if using keyboard), but therefore I would need the focus to be in the “find” dialog, and it is not (even when I click the buttons in the two other dialogs, focus will be in the document after the last click) and hitting escape does not help to close the “find” box.

Is this meant to be like that (to allow writing), or is it a bug ?